COVID Is a Neocon Biowar Attack on China - Unpacking Ron Unz's Bombshell Article (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

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Apr 28 | By oiam2singlesru | Views: 30 | Comments: 0
by Jazzhands McFeels (Truth to Power)

Another great deep-dive, available on their weekend show, which is free to the public (the mid-week show is behind a paywall).

Want to understand why it looks like Neocon hawks and US and Israeli bioweapons programs are the true culprits behind the COVID tragedy? This is a great way to do it - the team dissect and analyze last week's exraordinary enormous 7000 word article from Ron Unz making the case.

They also slap Tucker Carlson around for jumping on the 'BLAME CHINA!' propaganda carousel.


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